When I think of a Kiwi summer I think of chilled-out days at the beach, loads of beers, bubbles and.... campgrounds. Yes, Kiwis love to spend their holidays staying in a tent or in the campervan. When I started travelling myself in the South Island, I realised why people prefer holiday parks instead of hotels [...]



Hello travellers and my dear friends! It has been a long time since we last wrote anything on this blog. There were several reasons for that. It is not that we got lazy. The thing is in December we moved to Kaiteriteri and we had no connection to Internet at all! We had been working [...]

DO’s and DON’Ts for your first visit to Bali

Bali, the Land of Gods, they say. The Balinese keep on believing that Heaven is Bali and that Bali is Heaven. I won't argue with that. We spent our last summer holidays in Bali. It was a totally last minute, spontanous journey. I planned the whole trip in the airplane. I mostly associated Bali with [...]


Once you have obtained your dream Working Holiday Visa you may start exploring the job market in New Zealand. There are number of ways of how to find a job as quick as possible. Is it really easy to find employment? Are Kiwis employers proffesional? You will find the answers and our personal experiences in [...]

23 things you probably didn’t know about Christchurch, New Zealand

Before moving to Christchurch (which we happened to do not long time ago) we only knew it was the biggest city in the South Island and that it experienced few massive earthquakes in 2010-2012. But there is so much more about the city, which makes it even more interesting. Christchurch lies in the South Island's [...]

First impressions of Auckland, New Zealand

Hello everyone 🙂 I still cannot believe I am here in Auckland, New Zealand. I have been waiting for this moment -  since my High School. It took us 3 weeks to get here. We went to Thailand, Borneo and Malaysian Peninsula first and we have finally reached our destination! The journey from Kuala Lumpur [...]

10 things I dislike about Malaysia

It is proven that people generally take more interest in the bad, rather than the good – which is why news of rape, murder and oppression get more attention than cute stories. So what minuses can I tell you about Malaysia? For the sake of this post, let's forget about the complexity and uniqueness of this country. Let's skip [...]

My personal good and bad experiences on Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing, the platform that gives you the opportunity to gain very valuable and beautiful experiences. It fills your backpacking journey with stories, people, and friends. It gives life to the places you visit all around the world. That's just a slogan, but how it works in reality? Read my three personal experiences. The reason why I [...]

12 things that make Finland similar to Suwalszczyzna, Poland.

Suwalszczyzna, the region in north-eastern Poland that looks like from fairy tales. And I am not exaggerating! It is located by the Polish-Lithuanian border and it resembles Finland in so many ways. What definitely makes Finland similar to Suwalszczyzna is its primaeval beauty of nature. There are picturesque lakes laid among hills and forests, crystal [...]