3 cities to visit in Thailand in October

Thailand was never high on my bucket list and now I really regret. It is totally worth visiting! Due to the fact that October may be a bit tricky as far as weather is concerned, you can either risk and go to one of the popular islands or you can take advantage of the historical [...]


My personal good and bad experiences on Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing, the platform that gives you the opportunity to gain very valuable and beautiful experiences. It fills your backpacking journey with stories, people, and friends. It gives life to the places you visit all around the world. That's just a slogan, but how it works in reality? Read my three personal experiences. The reason why I [...]

12 things that make Finland similar to Suwalszczyzna, Poland.

Suwalszczyzna, the region in north-eastern Poland that looks like from fairy tales. And I am not exaggerating! It is located by the Polish-Lithuanian border and it resembles Finland in so many ways. What definitely makes Finland similar to Suwalszczyzna is its primaeval beauty of nature. There are picturesque lakes laid among hills and forests, crystal [...]

15 photos that will make you want to visit Israel this winter

Hello everyone! Have you ever hesitated about going to Israel? After this photo compilation I bet you will never have doubts. It is one of the most amazing countries I’ve visted so far. You can eat ice-creams in January and nobody will be surprised or call you insane. Remember to eat one ostentatiously and send photos [...]

Why 7 days in Lisbon are not enough

I said Tel Aviv is one of my favourite cities, but Lisbon is number ONE. I was there twice already. First time in 2013 when I went there with my bestfriend Kristina on holidays. The second time was this year in February. The funny thing is I went there to visit.... Kristina! She fell in [...]

Top 3 budget restaurants we’ve visited in Spain

We love good food, but since I was a student in Madrid not so long time ago, I always chose the cheap alternatives of the restaurants. Cheap does not necessarily mean worse or less tasty. To my surprise, quite often it was the other way round. In those budget ones the food was fresh and [...]

10 reasons why we have decided to move out to New Zealand

OK. We bought the flight tickets that will change our lives. Itinerary: Warsaw-Moscow-Bangkok-Kota Kinabalu-Kuala Lumpur-Gold Coast-Auckland. Not bad, right? And then people started to bombard us with a number of questions. The most common one was why we have decided to move out to New Zealand. Why not Australia, why not Canada or Cambodia or [...]